3 Inspiring Reasons to Choose a Haymoon Resort Elopement Ceremony Over Public Lands

by Guest Author

3 Inspiring Reasons to Choose a Haymoon Resort Elopement Ceremony Over Public Lands

by Guest Author

Hi there!  We’re Des & Dan, Montana elopement photographers who specialize in helping couples with guests elope in Montana!  We thrive when we’re getting to help folks make big (and small) decisions about their elopement experience that make a huge impact!  Not the least of which being helping couples decide where exactly to have their elopement ceremony!  There are often simply too many gorgeous choices!!

We have years of experience in and around the Flathead Valley helping couples elope on public lands, and truthfully we’ve run into hiccups along the way due to public land ceremonies.  Eloping at Haymoon Resort gets ahead of so many difficulties when choosing to elope in Montana so we wanted to shed some light on 3 reasons to choose a Haymoon Resort elopement ceremony over public lands so you can find your perfect fit!  So let’s get started!

A Haymoon Resort elopement ceremony may be a great fit for you if:

  • You’re traveling from afar for your wedding and have guests in tow.
  • You value your guests’ experience as much as your own.
  • You want your elopement ceremony to include freedom in design.
  • You’re the type of folks who know the luxury of privacy can often be unmatched.
  • You want Montana’s larger than life views for your wedding without compromising your unique style and vision.

The top 3 reasons to choose a Haymoon Resort elopement ceremony over public lands

Reason #1 | Access to a private & personalized ceremony & reception space

Often when couples are checking out public lands with big views to use for their ceremony space, the locations come with restrictions such as “no chairs, no decorations, no food or drink, etc.”  This is for good reason as it preserves Montana’s public lands so that they remain pristine for others to enjoy!

However, this might not be a great fit when searching for your ceremony space.  Haymoon Resort offers multiple ceremony and reception spaces that can accommodate customized designs so your ceremony & celebration have the gorgeousness that Montana offers without having to wonder what is and is not permitted.  At Haymoon Resort you’re able to bring in florals, arches, seating, food, you name it!  This is a huge perk that cannot be overstated if you’re hoping for an elopement fashioned like a destination micro wedding!

Reason #2 | Option for onsite lodging and proven stellar guest experience

We are incredibly passionate about not only showcasing Montana to you, but to your guests as well!  As photographers we know this means couples like you want to provide a seamless experience for your guests!

Haymoon Resort offers packages that include guest lodging so you can have your guests stay somewhere cozy, conveniently located, and out of this world peaceful!  Imagine guests arriving to your wedding weekend to be swept away to the resort.  Your private ceremony will soon follow, and your guests will not miss a beat when navigating Whitefish and seeing nearby Glacier National Park!  The staff is always a great resource for you and your guests concerning how to fill your time in Montana with only the best experiences a traveler can find.

Guest experience cannot be understated for your Montana wedding, so you’ll want to create a pristine wedding weekend by choosing one of Haymoon Resort’s weekend wedding packages with lodging included.  Don’t just take our word for it though!  See their consistently amazing reviews here!

Not to mention, finding accommodations for groups can be (in a word) competitive during tourist season in Montana.  Booking a wedding package at Haymoon Resort that includes lodging will take that stress off of everyone’s shoulders.

Reason #3 | Proximity to rugged wilderness in every direction

If you’re considering having your elopement or destination wedding in Montana, then we know where your heart lies!  Adventure!!  Whether you’re the type of couple hoping for killer views from your car window or the type of couple hoping to work up a sweat by hiking to your views, Montana has everything!

We’re not talking just in reference to your trip though.  Don’t forget to carve out time to experience Montana’s pristine wilderness during your wedding celebration by spending part of your time at Haymoon Resort and taking advantage of another day in and around Glacier National park, the Flathead National Forest, or the Jewel Basin!

More and more couples each year are choosing to have one day of their wedding experience fashioned more traditionally (having a Haymoon Resort ceremony and celebration with all the bells and whistles) and then spending a second day in their wedding attire with us as their photographers seeing all the jaw-dropping views you can find!

Not every wedding venue in Montana is positioned in such a great location as Haymoon Resort!  Within a 20 minute drive from the resort begins one of our favorite 4×4 adventures for couples to experience with spectacular views (and privacy) at sunrise or sunset.  Within a 40 minutes drive from Haymoon resort lies the entrance to the infamous Glacier National Park and the Going to the Sun Road.  40 minutes in a different direction will take you to more secluded views found in the Jewel Basin!

No matter which type of Montana views you’re hoping for and what level of adventure and privacy you need, Haymoon Resort and a 2 day wedding experience ensures there will be no compromising on what you really need.

What about your FAQ’s?

Does Haymoon Resort include rentals?

Yes! Tables, chairs, and quite a few items are included to help curate the wedding of your dreams.

Does Haymoon Resort allow dogs in the ceremony?

Yes, dog-friendly cabins are also available onsite.

Who will you work with to ensure a seamless experience?

Brooke is the venue manager with whom you will be communicating!  If you need planning help, Haymoon Resort recommends that you hire a planner and/or day of coordinator to help create a stress-free and customized experience for the two of you and any family and friends you have with you!

Is there a place to hold a small reception after our ceremony?

The pavilion is the perfect place to hold your small reception after your ceremony. Haymoon Resort has a package for this and can also help put together custom packages that include lodging to make your wedding day and week as convenient and as enjoyable as possible.


The top 3 reasons to choose a Haymoon Resort elopement ceremony over public lands

  1. Access to a private and personalized ceremony and reception space.
  2. Option for onsite lodging and proven stellar guest experience.
  3. Proximity to rugged wilderness in every direction.


Choosing the right venue and ceremony space when getting married in Montana is paramount!  We’ve seen couples experience difficulty when utilizing public lands for their wedding ceremonies due to a few factors.  However, choosing the right private venue such as Haymoon Resort can truly check every last box!  Their team will be stoked to help you customize your wedding ceremony and reception to ensure you leave Montana more than satisfied in your wedding experience and, most importantly, married to the love of your life!

Don’t forget to contact us when in search for your photography team as well!

Photos by Des & Dan and Kelly Kirksey Photography

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